IMG_6127I will be starting as an Assistant Professor at the University of Utah Fall 2019. Contact me if you are interested in postdoctoral positions, graduate school, or research tech.

I am an NRSA postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dan Barbash interested in sexual selection and the genetics of speciation and sexually selected traits. My research involves experimental genetics and theoretical studies of how selection drives population diversification and speciation. I am particularly interested in how the interplay between sexual selection and reproductive isolation shapes the evolution of sexual interactions and mating behaviors.

I defended my dissertation at Indiana University under the advisement of Leonie Moyle in 2016. I graduated with a BA in Biology in 2009 from Cornell University where I was an undergraduate research assistant in the labs of Teresa Pawlowska  and Andy Clark.

I also spent two summers (2006,2007) taking classes and working at Shoals Marine Laboratory. I was an REU at Mountain Lake Biological Station advised by Charles Fenster and Michele Dudash in 2008 and was back at MBLS completing projects for summer 2009. After graduating from Cornell I was research technician in Justin Blumensteil‘s lab at University of Kansas, before heading to IU.

I grew up in California, part of my life in the San Bernardino Mountains and part in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

Contact Information

Dean Castillo

526 Campus Road, Biotechnology Building, Cornell University

dmc79 at cornell.edu


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